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Our Pre-Order process varies a little bit based on manufacturer but here is the shortest version we can muster.  Please do not hesitate to ask for more details.  The process below is for discs but non-disc products follow a very similar process.

Unless noted on the product's pre-order page we do not just take a pre-order and ship you whatever we choose - like 99% of other pre-orders on the web.  We want to meet your preferences so please familiarize yourself with the process below before pre-ordering with us.

Pre-Order Process:
1. Click on "Pre-Order Items" under "Coming Soon" in the top of the left-hand navigation bar (CommunityDiscs.com/Pre-Order).
2. Open your desired pre-order product.  Read the description and note any details about our expected weights, colors, stamps, etc.  We often ask these questions of our manufactures.
3. Please add your preferences on the product page before clicking "Add to Cart".  These are typically "Preferred Weight Range" & "Preferred Colors".
4. If you miss step 3 or feel free to send an email or note via the "Contact/Social" tab above with your preferences.
5. If you order any in-stock products along with your pre-order, those may be held and shipped with your pre-order.  If you need those products sooner please place a separate order for them.

Fulfillment Process:
1. If appropriate, we will send news & developments of the upcoming release to pre-order customers via email.
2. We start packing pre-orders the day we receive the new products.  If the manufacturer has set a retail release date for the new product(s) your order will be held and then shipped as early as possible on that release date.
3. We do our very best to match your pre-order preferences (such as weight & color).  Please do yourself a favor: Give us as wide a range of preferences.  Giving us a single preference like "172g Red" means that we have to make a decision if the closest matches we have might be 170g Red, 173g Red, & 172g in Orange, Yellow, & White.  Receiving a 1g difference on this disc is tragic for some players.  To others, the color is the most important aspect so please let us know if one preference is more important than the other.  We do NOT accept ultimatums like, "If you don't have exactly 174g in Swirly Purple with a Rainbow Stamp do not ship my order."  Preferences like "Any bright color (but I don't like yellow)" and "As close to max weight as possible. Weight is most important," are very easy to work with and will help us get you a disc you will love.  If you are extremely picky about your preferences then the very best thing to do is wait until release day and see what we have in-stock for you.

Limited Release Products:
Limited release products typically include a special graphic or color(s).  Retailers are only allowed to order a limited number of these products and are only allowed to order them one time.  Very often, retailers are not able to specify colors or weight ranges from the manufacturer.  This means we could receive a large amount of items that are all very heavy, very light, all in one color, or have no variation at all.  All we can promise with a limited release is that you WILL receive the quantity you ordered.  We hope will be able to meet your preference(s) but unlike a traditional pre-order release we cannot order more discs from the manufacturer in hopes we will receive your match.  Please review the product's pre-order page to see if it a limited release and if so, submit your pre-order as early as possible.

If your order is shorted, limited, canceled, lost, or unable to be fulfilled for any reason you will be granted store credit for the amount you spent on the pre-ordered product.  If you are unsatisfied with the item we shipped to you, you may ship it back to us (at your expense) for store credit.  If your product is defective we will take care of the shipping.  Refunds are not offered for pre-order products.



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