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* The Vault *

Welcome to the Community Vault.


This is the home of limited, discontinued, & rare discs.

Not all of our rare discs are below!  They will be constantly rotated in and out so if you see something you like, get it while you can because it could sell or be pulled offline at any time.  We only plan to feature ~50 discs at a time.

Below are the details you will see on every Vault disc's page including how each is packed & shipped. 

icon-question-shield.pngWhy This Disc Is In The Vault:
This section tells you what is rare or unique about this disc.



Is This A Unique Photo of The Disc?
This section tells you if the product photo is of the exact disc you are purchasing or not.

See All Vault Discs Here - This brings you back to the page you are on right now.

icon-box-disc.pngHow Vault Discs Are Packed: - This is the same for every disc.
All Vault discs are kept in poly bags.  They have an easy-to-remove no-residue inventory label on them.  They are packed expertly into either a bubble mailer or box (depending on the size of your order) with a very clear "DO NOT BEND" printed on the shipping label.  See our Shipping Page.

icon-alert.pngPlease Note The Following: - This is the same for every disc.
We poly bag each disc when it enters the Vault but please keep in mind it may have been sorted and in contact with other discs before that.  We promise every Vault disc is indeed “new” & unthrown but they could have small scratches like any other stock retail disc.  Please check the photo notes above and if this page has a unique photo you can zoom in to inspect that closely.

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