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Hello My Name Is JustinWelcome!  I created Community Disc Golf in 2010 and CommunityDiscs.com in 2011.  I work hard to stock only the highest quality and most durable disc golf plastic types and other products.

I love to work with players who crave discs and apparel that will increase their enjoyment both on and off the course.  I focus on the most durable materials from the best manufacturers like MVP, Vibram, Innova, Prodigy, & "Trilogy" brands.  It is very rare to see low grade plastics on this site but by not sinking cash into a bunch of cheap discs I am able to offer premium discs at lower prices.

CommunityDiscs.com certainly takes up many hours each week which I could be spending on the course but I love continually improving this website and making it the very best place to learn about, shop for, and buy discs.

p9170103-mobile-.jpgCommunity Disc Golf started out of a small shed at "The Woods at Beauty Hill" in New Hampshire in 2010.  In 2011 I started taking the "shop" to lots of tournaments across New England and upstate New York.  CommunityDiscs.com emerged in late 2011 in conjunction with NEFA (New England Flying Disc Association) year-end amateur divisions payout.  It just snowballed from there as word spread online that I had a great supply of MVP discs and placed a hand written thank-you note in every order.

So much has changed in just a few years.  The discs and I are now in North Carolina.  The discs live in a warehouse rather than a storage unit and they get shipped each afternoon (rather than before I goto my regular job each morning!)  Community has grown from just a few hundred discs to well over 10,000 along with lots of bags and great apparel.  Thank you so much to every customer who has helped to grow my dream.

-Justin Anderson




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