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Disc Colors, Photos, & Graphics

Disc Colors, Photos, & Graphics

Disc Photos & Colors:

Unless noted otherwise on the product page the photo(s) you see on that page will not be the exact disc you order.  For example, if you see a blue disc with a red stamp (the disc graphic) and you order a blue disc there is no assurance it will be the same shade of blue as seen in the photo or has the same color stamp on it.  All disc manufacturers have variations within their colors and they are constantly trying out new colors.

Disc Graphics:

Please note that manufacturers change stamps without notice to the retailer so if (for example) Innova has a disc with a "Paul McBeth 3X Champion" stamp on it and it changes to "Paul McBeth 4X Champion" we may not notice and if the disc's stamp is not noted individually then you will receive whatever stamp your selected color/weight has available.  We often mark individual discs that have older or limited stamps with something like "First Run" after the weight/color on the product page.  In these cases we ARE promising the stamp that is listed.  With the exception of this last example, any disc you receive with an unwanted stamp will not be considered an error.  You are welcome to follow the Returns/Exchanges policy if you would like to send it back.



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