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Flight Ratings

Flight Ratings

"Speed" (1 to 15) is more about how hard you have to throw the disc to make it fly correctly.  New players should find success with fairway drivers in the 6-7 range.  Jumping upto a Speed 11-14 disc before you are ready will create a lot of frustration.

"Glide" (1 to 7) is the ability for the disc to stay aloft despite the spin you put on the disc.  New players will benefit from a glide of 5 or more but headwinds force your disc up so throwing a high glide disc into a strong wind is a very bad idea.

"Turn" (+1 to -5) relates to a disc's understable drift when the disc is spinning its fastest (early on).  This means that if you throw Right Hand Back Hand (RHBH) then your disc may drift to the right early on.  Weak throwers might not turn a -3 disc over but they will see it fly straight much more easily.  New players should look for discs in the -2 to -5 range.  -5 will "Turn" the most while a +1 (in theory) should not turn over at all.

"Fade" (0 to 5) is what your disc does when the spin starts to run out.  A Right Hand Back Hand (RHBH) thrower will see their disc "Fade" to the left at the end of its flight.  New players should look for discs with a "Fade" of 0-2.


"Function" relates directly to "Speed". Putter (0-3), Midrange (4-5), Fairway (6-8), Distance (9-10), Max Distance (11+)

"Stability" is a combination of the Turn & Fade ratings above.  A Right Hand Back Hand (RHBH) thrower should expect "Overstable" discs to have a lot of fade and land to the left of the fairway.  "Stable" discs may fly very straight or turn over and then fade but in the end, any "Stable" disc should land near the middle of the fairway.  "Understable" discs will turn over and even after fading they will land to the right of the fairway.

"Weights" is the weight range the manufacturer can reliably produce.  We sometimes see a disc produced outside of this range but they are rare.

"Difficulty" Is our subjective rating of a disc.  "Beginner" should fly reliably for new players while "Intermediate" is recommended after your first year of play.  "Advanced" discs will only fly well for players who know how to throw with a lot of spin and release a disc both flat and consistently each time they throw.



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