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Vibram golf discs are the only rubber based compression molded golf discs on the market. This gives our discs two significant advantages: Durability and Grip. The extra durability comes from the natural resiliency of rubber as well as the enhanced memory provided by compression molding. The rubber also provides superior grip across all weather. Improved performance is a result of both disc design, a more consistent flight over the (long) life of the disc, and a comfortable grip that you can always count on.




Compression molded rubber discs take 10 to 15 minutes to cure. During this time, the polymers twist and turn and curl around each other forming a super durable composite with extremely high memory.

5X Better - Vibram golf discs will hold their shape and flight over 5x longer than an entry level plastic disc.

Nick/Gouge Resistant - Our X-Link
material is more resistant to nicks and gouges than the premier plastics on the market, making our golf discs the most durable discs on the planet.

In addition to exceptional durability out of the box, the Vibram rubber discs have a stronger memory than conventional injection molded plastic discs. Basically, if you do manage to bend them out of shape, give them a little time and they will recover.


Rubber provides spectacular grip, especially in inclement weather. Think about a plastic tire. Now think about your golf discs.

Our cross linked family of compounds (X-Link) have been specifically designed to provide optimal grip in combination with varying levels of disc firmness.

X-Link (Medium): The original Vibram rubber used in golf discs. This has medium firmness and a great supple feel.

X-Link Firm: A firmer version of X-Link with a nice matte finish for good grip with significant firmness.

X-Link Soft: These are the softest, most grippy discs on the planet. If there is snow on the ground, or you want to make sure your disc stays put, X-Link Soft is the answer to your prayers.

Trusted Performance

Our discs are designed and tested with specific performance characteristics.
Long Distance - The Lace, our first distance driver is rated as the longest flying golf disc in the world. I'd say we did pretty good.
Bye Bye Blow Bys - Our first three putters (VP, Summit, Ridge) are designed with minimal glide so that you can run the basket and not sail too far past. The Sole is designed as a traditional putter with a more rounded shoulder and more glide.

Controlled Distance - Our fairway drivers (Ascent, Trak) fly quickly, get where they are going, and then finish just as quickly. The X-Link compound minimizes hops and skips, so feel free to aim where you want the disc to end up.

Forgiving Mids - The Ibex flies true at an amazingly wide range of speeds. If you want one disc that does it all, reach for the Ibex. Huge power annys, controlled hyzers, or straight as a string shots through the gut. The Obex is the overstable version of the Ibex and can handle more power and winds.




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